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 Clayton Bears


 If you wish to purchase a bear you can pay by PayPal or by cheque ( please see terms and conditions for more details)

Please note that these bears are not toys and are unsuitable for children aged 14 years or under.

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Cecile is 26cms tall (Including her ears). She is made from beige mohair with a slightly darker backing and matching paw pads in pure wool felt. She is fully jointed with cotter pins, has black glass eyes, an embroidered nose and mouth and a sprinkling of whiskers. Cecile is filled with polyester stuffing and steel shot for added weight. She is wearing a pale lime green pinafore dress and a hand knitted ballet style cardigan and beanie. She is a single edition.

Cecile is not a toy and is unsuitable for children.

Price: £75.00 plus £4.50 delivery in UK.